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Purdue University promotes human and intellectual diversity by providing equal access and opportunity to a rich variety of populations and cultures. Did you know:

  • Purdue is home to more than 5,000 international students, including more than 3,000 graduate and professional students.
  • Approximately 40 percent of Purdue's graduate students are international students.
  • Purdue ranks second in international enrollment among all public colleges and universities in the United States.
  • Students from nearly 130 countries attend Purdue.
  • Purdue has approximately 900 international faculty and staff.

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Angela Wolf, pursuing her PhD in medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.

Angela Wolf, United States
Pursuing her PhD in medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.

" I enjoy the diversity of the graduate student population. I learn a lot about other cultures and countries by spending time with my classmates and friends. I know that when I leave Purdue, I will have friends all over the world who I can visit!"


Purdue University consistently ranks among the top public universities in the United States. Purdue is in the top 100 graduate institutions in the world according to Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings. For additional information about Purdue's rankings, visit Purdue's Rankings and Recognition page.

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Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are available for both domestic and international students. Approximately 75 percent of Purdue's full-time international graduate students receive some funding by or through the University. There are three primary options for financial assistance:

Abraham Tesfamichael, earned his master's in animal science (cell biology) and is now pursuing his PhD.

Abraham Tesfamichael, Eritrea
Earned his master's in animal science (cell biology) and is now pursuing his PhD.

" Purdue is a perfect place to learn new things. The well-established research together with the diversity of international students makes Purdue one of the unique and great places to build networks that extend to the outside world. Purdue has been a perfect place to kick-start my career. I strongly advise others to consider joining the graduate program."

Incentive and travel grants are also available. You should begin your search for funding approximately one year before you will need it to support your graduate education.


Grants are free money for which you are not required to work or repay the funds. Fellowships are the most common type of grant, but others include scholarships, travel grants, and monetary awards. Fellowships are usually available from both the program to which you apply for admission and the Graduate School. Typically, when you apply for admission, a program will consider you for available fellowships without a separate application. To be considered for fellowships offered by the Graduate School, you must be admitted to your program of interest. The Funding Web page provides information regarding specific Graduate School fellowships, the application process, and each fellowship's requirements. Fellowship benefits generally include:

  • Monthly stipend/paycheck*  
  • Tuition scholarship  
  • Medical insurance supplement

*Stipend/paycheck amounts are determined by the academic program.

Oyeleye Alabi, pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Oyeleye Alabi, Nigeria
Pursuing his Ph.D. in Chemistry.

"Purdue is a home to brilliant students as well as professors who have contributed globally in their areas of expertise. The graduate program has offered me a new perspective on how the various areas of science and technology can be synergized to achieve remarkable results."


Assistantships are the most common method of funding graduate study. Over 60 percent of Purdue graduate students hold graduate student assistantships. You may secure teaching, research, or administrative/professional assistantships to help pay for the costs of your education while gaining employment experience. When you receive an assistantship, you work part-time for the University. Assistantship benefits generally include:

  • Monthly stipend/paycheck*  
  • Tuition waiver  
  • Medical insurance at employee rates**

*Stipend/paycheck amounts are determined by the hiring department.
**Only available for .5 FTE assistantships.

Teaching and research assistantships are generally offered by your program of interest; however, some may require a separate application for consideration, while others may consider you when your application for admission is completed. To be considered for assistantships offered by the academic program to which you are applying, please visit that program's Web page or contact the program to determine the appropriate process for applying for an assistantship.

Other departments outside your program of interest may also offer assistantships. For more information about these opportunities, please consult the Graduate School's Funding Database.


Student loan information is available through the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) and the U.S. Department of Education. You can also apply to serve as a residence hall counselor, or seek other employment to help finance your graduate education.

For information regarding the tuition and fee rates for the West Lafayette campus, visit the Bursar's Office online. Also check out the Tuition Calculator to determine the estimated tuition and housing expenses at the West Lafayette campus.

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Yen-Pi Cheng, pursuing her PhD in child development and family studies.

Yen-Pi Cheng, Taiwan
Pursuing her PhD in child development and family studies.

" Purdue University has an outstanding academic reputation, great interdisciplinary programs, and excellent faculty members to work with. Also, the living cost here is affordable. My dual-title PhD program not only provides fundamental knowledge but also broaders points of view in my area. From working on a grant project, I learned the whole process of building up a study, step by step. Networking opportunities have helped me connect with other researchers around the world."

Admission To Purdue

Details about applying to the Purdue University Graduate School, including information about testing requirements, deadlines, and much more may be found on the How to Apply page.

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Health Requirements

Indiana state law requires all new, regularly enrolled students attending residential campuses of Indiana public universities to be immunized against Rubeola (10 day measles), Rubella (German measles), Mumps, Diphtheria, and Tetanus. In addition, international students must be tested for tuberculosis after arriving in the United States. For additional information, visit the Purdue University Student Health Center Web Page.

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Mahsa Fardisi, a grad student pursing her PhD in Entomology.

Mahsa Fardisi, Iran
Pursuing her PhD in Entomology

"Purdue provides a great environment for academic research and offers course works for building a career after graduation. The level of quality in education is very high and the university is international student friendly. If there is a need for skills in another field of study with which you are not familiar, you can easily find specialists to help. Purdue's library system also effectively provides resource for research and personal development."


There are a variety of affordable housing options available both on campus and off-campus. Visit our Graduate Student Housing Web page for more information. Visit our Community Information Web page for information on West Lafayette and the surrounding community.

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Resources for International Students
  • The Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) seeks to enhance the academic, cultural, and social pursuits of students and scholars from abroad. ISS provides knowledge and expertise in admissions, immigration, advising, and cross-cultural programming. For more information, e-mail iss@purdue.edu.
  • The Oral English Proficiency Program (OEPP) serves as a resource for international graduate students and graduate students studying English as a Second Language.
  • Nearly 40 international student groups offer social and cultural activities at Purdue. The student organizations represent countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and the Middle East. These groups bring together students from all countries.
  • The International Center fosters the spirit of international cooperation and understanding, and enriches the cultural diversity within Greater Lafayette. It promotes interaction among American and international community residents and visitors, including students, visiting scholars, faculty, and staff from Purdue University. The International Center also offers English classes and the Conversation Partner Program to strengthen language skills.
  • EducationUSA is a network of over 450 advising and information centers in 170 countries supported by the United States Department of State. Centers offer information about educational opportunities in the United States and guidance to qualified individuals.
  • The Confucius Institute at Purdue promotes Chinese programs and studies on China, and initiates and fosters Chinese language and cultural programs.
  • There are at least thirty religions and denominations represented in the Greater Lafayette area. Lafayette Online provides a list of religious organizations and places of worship categorized by religion.
  • The Greater Lafayette area dining scene is as varied as a big city's with Arabic, Cajun, French, Greek, Hawaiian, Indian, Irish, Italian, Mexican, and Russian cuisine. Both Lafayette Online and the West Lafayette Convention and Visitors Bureau list area restaurants.
  • The Lafayette and West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and the Convention and Visitors Bureau provide information for people relocating to the area, community events and activities, a business directory, and a dining and shopping guide.
  • Use Purdue's iPhone application to:
    • View where you are and how to get where you're going
    • Take a GPS enabled landmark tour
    • Read updated Purdue news
    • View dining hall menus, updated daily
    • Watch Purdue's YouTube channel
    • Find something to do from the university calendar of events
  • Get the latest version of the International student's handout

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