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Why to Choose Purdue

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Purdue University was founded in 1869 as a land grant institution. Today, Purdue University is one of the largest universities in the nation. Purdue's West Lafayette campus covers nearly 2,500 acres with more than 160 major buildings including academic and residential complexes.

Discover Purdue's Wide Array of Graduate Programs

On the West Lafayette campus alone, the University offers over 70 graduate programs with more than 600 research and study areas organized in 10 colleges and schools within the Graduate School. Approximately 39,000 students are enrolled at the West Lafayette campus, including over 7,400 graduate and professional students. To learn about specific areas of research and study available, visit the Graduate Programs Web page.

For additional facts and information about Purdue and the Graduate School, visit The Graduate School at a Glance.

Check out what's going on around Purdue's West Lafayette campus with our Web cams.

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Students gather to study, eat, and play catch in the numerous grassy areas on campus, including the Engineering Mall.

Situated on more than 2500 acres, the West Lafayette campus has over 160 major buildings. Students gather to study, eat, and play catch in the numerous grassy areas on campus, including the Engineering Mall shown above.


Purdue University consistently ranks among the top public universities in the United States. Purdue is in the top 100 graduate institutions in the world according to Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings. For additional information about Purdue's rankings, visit Purdue's Rankings and Recognition page.

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Compare Our Community's Affordable Cost of Living

The Greater Lafayette area also offers a cost-of-living below the national average, an advantage for graduate students on a limited budget. This means you may purchase more for your money, and enjoy a better standard of living compared to other areas Visit the cost of living Web page to compare Greater Lafayette's cost-of-living to other university locations in the United States.

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Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities are available for both domestic and international students. Over 70 percent of Purdue's full-time graduate students receive some funding by or through the University. There are three primary options for financial assistance:
Incentive and travel grants are also available. You should begin your search for funding approximately one year before you will need it to support your graduate education.

Grants are free money for which you are not required to work or repay the funds. Fellowships are the most common type of grant, but others include scholarships, travel grants, and monetary awards. Fellowships are usually available from both the program to which you apply for admission and the Graduate School. Typically, when you apply for admission, a program will consider you for available fellowships without a separate application. To be considered for fellowships offered by the Graduate School, you must be admitted to your program of interest. The Funding Web page provides information regarding specific Graduate School fellowships, the application process, and each fellowship's requirements. Fellowship benefits generally include:
  • Monthly stipend*
  • Tuition scholarship
  • Medical insurance supplement
*Stipend amounts are determined by the academic program.

Assistantships are the most common method of funding graduate study. 60 percent of Purdue graduate students hold graduate student assistantships. You may secure teaching, research, or administrative/professional assistantships to help pay for the costs of your education while gaining employment experience. When you receive an assistantship, you work part-time for the University. Assistantship benefits generally include:
  • Monthly stipend*
  • Tuition waiver
  • Medical insurance at employee rates**
*Stipend amounts are determined by the hiring department.
**Only available for .5 FTE assistantships.

Teaching and research assistantships are generally offered by your program of interest; however, some may require a separate application for consideration, while others may consider you when your application for admission is completed. To be considered for assistantships offered by the academic program to which you are applying, please visit that program's Web page or contact the program to determine the appropriate process for applying for an assistantship.

Other departments outside your program of interest may also offer assistantships. For more information about these opportunities, please consult the Graduate School's Funding Database.

Student loan information is available through the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) and the U.S. Department of Education. You can also apply to serve as a residence hall counselor, or seek other employment to help finance your graduate education.

For information regarding the tuition and fee rates for the West Lafayette campus, visit the Bursar's Office online. Also check out the Tuition Calculator to determine the estimated tuition and housing expenses at the West Lafayette campus.

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