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Purdue University Graduate School

Read some of the exciting activities of Purdue Graduate School alumni! Learn what they have to say about Purdue.

Purdue alumnus Malcolm S. DeKryger, MS; Vice-President & part owner, Milling Co, Inc.

Malcolm S. DeKryger, MS
MS in Animal Science, 1983
Vice President and part owner
Belstra Milling Co., Inc.

Malcolm DeKryger oversees swine production and management at Belstra Milling.

About me:
I oversee swine production and management at Belstra Milling in Northern Indiana. This includes nutrition decisions and personnel recruitment. The Belstra farms maintain replacement gilts for 30,000 sows of commercial production in North Carolina, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana. In 2008, I received the Purdue Distinguished Alumni Award, which I consider one of my biggest awards. My professional accomplishments are very gratifying, but even more importantly, I am blessed to be living my dream career. I work with many great people who deserve as much credit as I.

Favorite Purdue memory:
Meeting my wife, Donna, has to rank right up there! But, my favorite part of the academic work was doing the research out at Baker/Purdue Swine research farm. I loved designing the study feeds and seeing the response by the pigs.

Advice for new grad students: Understand that when you have earned your degree you become part of a large "fraternity" of alums around the world that have earned the respect of many people. Opportunities will be many and the responsibilities to make a difference will be large. Find a place that will care for you, and when you are the decision maker, take care of others.

Why you should consider Purdue:
Purdue is located outside of the large metropolitan area. This allows grad students to fully enjoy the grad school experience in and around the Purdue campus. The professors are some of the best in the nation, and the rank/reputation of Purdue is outstanding. One will never be sorry that they chose to earn their degree at Purdue. The relationships that are created in grad school will last a lifetime. The best and the brightest run in the same circles around the nation - Purdue people always find each other.