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Purdue University Graduate School
Purdue Graduate School Alumni

Read some of the exciting activities of Purdue Graduate School alumni! Learn what they have to say about Purdue. Click on a photo below to view their complete profile.

Purdue alumnus Andrew J. Feustel, PhD; NASA Astronaut

Andrew J. Feustel, PhD
MS in Earth & Atmospheric Science, 1991
NASA Astronaut

How far can a Purdue graduate degree take you? It took Andrew Feustel around the world and out of this world. "Higher education can only open doors," he says. 

Purdue alumna Leigh Farris Hanna, PhD; Assistant Laboratory Director, DNA Diagnostic Center

Leigh Farris Hanna, PhD
PhD in PULSe (Interdisciplinary Life Science) - Microbiology
   Training Group, 2007
Assistant Laboratory Director
DNA Diagnostic Center, Fairfield, OH

"Being a Southerner by birth and upbringing, I'd have to say that my favorite Purdue memory was my first experience with snow..." 

Purdue alumus Jorge A. Ochoa, PhD, PE; Senior Managing Engineer, Exponent, Inc.

Jorge A. Ochoa, PhD, PE
MS in Mechanical Engineering, 1987
PhD in Mechanical Engineering
    (Biomechanics), 1991
Principal Engineer
Exponent, Inc., Bellevue, WA

Jorge Ochoa applies mechanical engineering principles to human medicine to improve medical devices, procedures, and ultimately, reduce pain and improve the health of patients. 

Purdue alumna Kathryn E. Bojczyk, PhD; Senior Study Director, Westat

Kathryn E. Bojczyk, PhD
MS in Health and Kinesiology
    (Motor Development), 1999
PhD in Child Development and
    Family Studies, 2004
Senior Study Director

Kathryn Bojczyk is part of a national team researching children's development, she volunteers with at-risk children, and she still finds time to cheer on the Boilermakers. "I absolutely LOVE Purdue!" 

Purdue alumna Euridice Oware, PhD; Professional Development Partnership Director, Engineering is Elementary, Boston Museum of Science

Euridice Oware, PhD
MS in Civil Engineering, 2003
PhD in Engineering Education, 2008 Assistant Academic Specialist (Faculty), Northeastern University
Professional Development Partnership Director, Engineering is Elementary
Northeastern University

Euridice Oware is improving engineering and technological literacy among school children. "Working at the Museum of Science with the Engineering is Elementary program is something I'm very proud to be doing," she says. 

Purdue alumnus Matt Booty, MFA; President/CEO, Midway Games

Matt Booty, MFA
BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering,
MFA in Theatre, 1991
President and CEO
Midway Games, Chicago, IL

"Having a job that brings together and combines my interests in technology with my interests in the creative arts is one of my greatest professonal accomplishments." 

Purdue alumnus Malcolm S. DeKryger, MS; Vice-President & part owner, Milling Co, Inc.

Malcolm S. DeKryger, MS
MS in Animal Science, 1983
Vice President and part owner
Belstra Milling Co., Inc.

Once you earn your graduate degree, "opportunities will be many and the responsibilities to make a difference will be large." Malcolm DeKryger shoulders his responsibilities overseeing 30,000 pigs - and the people who care for them. 

Purdue alumna Shanna Daly, PhD; Post-doctoral research fellow, University of Michigan and Purdue University

Shanna Daly, PhD
MS in Chemistry, 2006
PhD in Engineering Education and
    Chemistry, 2008
Post-doctoral research fellow
University of Michigan & Purdue
Ann Arbor, MI & West Lafayette, IN

This engineer can dance. And Shanna Daly will tell you engineering and choreography have more in common than you might think. 

Purdue alumnus Aram Goudsouzian, PhD; Assistant Professor of History, University of Memphis

Aram Goudsouzian, PhD
PhD in History, 2002
Associate Professor of History
University of Memphis

Aram Goudsouzian turned his doctoral dissertation into his first book, and credits Purdue with enhancing his passion for biography and narrative history. 

Purdue alumna Jody Riskowski, PhD; Assistant Professor & Director of Biomechanics and Motor Behavior Laboratory, University of Texas El Paso

Jody Riskowski, PhD
PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 2008
Assistant Professor
Director of the Stanley E. Fulton
    Biomechanics & Motor Behavior
University of Texas El Paso

"Like most athletes, I had the goal of going to the Olympics; I never dreamed that my Olympic experiences would come as a sports scientist!" 

Purdue alumnus Samuel Yingst, DVM, PhD; Chief, In Vivo Studies, Diagnostics Systems Division, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease

Samuel Yingst, DVM, PhD
DVM & MS in Basic Medical Sciences,
PhD in Basic Medical Sciences, 2003
Chief, In Vivo Studies, Diagnostics
    Systems Division
US Army Medical Research Institute for
    Infectious Disease
Fort Detrick, MD

From fighting bioterrorism to teaching internationally, this self-determinant alumnus says Purdue's education and teaching philosophy launched him into a deeply satisfying career. 

Purdue alumna Amanda Folena, MFA; Director/Choreographer & Executive Artistic Assistant, City Lights Theater Company

Amanda Folena, MFA
MFA in Acting, 2007
Professional Director/Choreographer/Actor
City Lights Theater Company
San Jose, CA

Amanda Folena enjoys life as a theatre artist in the Bay Area. "I am very grateful to the Purdue faculty," she says. 

Purdue alumnus Mark Kern, PhD, RD, CSSD; Professor of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences, San Diego State University

Mark Kern, PhD, RD, CSSD
PhD in Foods and Nutrition, 1995
Professor of Exercise and
    Nutritional Sciences
San Diego State University

"Purdue has many leading researchers who are extremely helpful and friendly to learn from." 

Purdue alumna Jane A. Liedtke, PhD; Founder & Director, Our Chinese Daughters Foundation

Jane A. Liedtke, PhD
PhD in Technology, 1983
Founder and Director
Our Chinese Daughters Foundation

"Find the professors who share your passion and capitalize on it, because that's an advantage of Purdue - the ability to do things outside the box." 


Meina Liu, PhD
PhD in Communication, 2006
Assistant Professor
University of Maryland

Now an assistant professor of Communication at the University of Maryland, Meina Liu says "Purdue offers everything that a graduate student needs to build a successful career."