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Prospective Students

Are you ready to advance to a higher degree? At Purdue University, you'll work with world-renowned scholars to positively impact the lives of others. Choose from more than 70 master's and doctoral programs that tackle some of today's most pressing issues. Just a few of the challenges Purdue graduate students are actively pursuing include:

  • cancer
  • alternative energy
  • international relations
  • cyber crime
  • spinal cord injuries
  • climate change
  • public health
  • and much more!


Take advantage of innovative facilities, numerous professional development opportunities, and a global network of colleagues. Few can rival Purdue's elite mix of internationally competitive scholarship and down-home hospitality . Explore our Web site to learn more about how you can advance to a higher degree with the Purdue University Graduate School!

Graduate student Steven Lee

"Purdue is a world class academic institution with a diverse and highly qualified faculty and access to state of the art instrumentation. Furthermore, the graduate students are energetic, hardworking, and interested in many activities beyond the lab."

 Steven Lee is part of the Medical Scientist Training Program, pursuing a combined M.D./Ph.D. through the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate student Daphne Penn “Purdue is a good place to pursue an advanced degree because of the diversity on campus.  I have grown so much as a student because of my interactions with students from different racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.”

Daphne M. Penn, pursuing her M.S. in Sociology.

Graduate student Rebecca Lipasek

 “I would encourage others to obtain an advanced degree from Purdue due to the higher academic standards that Purdue provides and the well-established reputation that the name Purdue carries in both the professional and academic worlds.”

 Rebecca Lipasek, pursuing her Ph.D. in Food Science