Graduate Council Document 05-D

Approved by the Graduate Council 4/21/05







Many Purdue University graduate students are supported in their studies as Graduate Teaching Assistants. This classification means that, in addition to their studies and research, they participate in the learning and teaching mission of the University. The majority of these Graduate Teaching Assistants become highly skilled educators throughout the course of their graduate experience. Their teaching responsibilities often drastically increase and evolve as they progress in their studies and as they develop mastery in their teaching skills. Yet, they are still classified as TAs. The current classification system does not recognize this more senior status, nor their excellence in teaching. Professors move though ranks, and we would like to recommend that our graduate teaching assistants also have that opportunity. This new classification also can improve job competitiveness.


We propose that graduate students who have passed their preliminary examination (are classified

as doctoral candidates) and who have been certified by their graduate department/program to have successfully defended their dissertation proposals are eligible for an appointment as a Graduate Lecturer. The appointment to this classification will be done at the discretion of a department head or in a manner consistent with the governance of a particular academic unit. The primary criterion used for this appointment shall be excellence in teaching.


Requirements for Appointment:


1.    The student is enrolled in 699 for dissertation credits and has completed all coursework

        on the plan of study.

2.    The student normally teaches courses greater than the 100 level.

3.    The student has been a TA for at least four academic sessions* prior to appointment.

4.    The total duration of graduate teaching support will not be extended due to this new   classification. (In other words, if a particular department normally supports a graduate             student for no more than five years, the Graduate Lecturer appointment shall not extend    support past the fifth year.)


Obligations of the University:


1.      The student will continue to be classified and recognized as a graduate student by using a graduate staff classification designator.

2.      The student receives tuition remission during the appointment period (including summer).

3.      The student receives graduate student health insurance.

4.      The Graduate School sets the minimum stipend for the Graduate Lecturer classification.

        We recommend that this minimum stipend be higher than the minimum stipend for a         graduate teaching assistantship. Individual departments are not prevented from offering     stipends above the Graduate Lecturer minimum.



*An academic session, historically, has been defined by the Graduate School as the fall or spring semester or the eight week summer session (Module 2 & 3).