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Independent Interdisciplinary Graduate Program


Committees: Committees for the management of the I-IGP Program are focused on communication with departmental and school administrators and to provide an organizational structure for the management of the functions of the program.

Executive Committee: Administrative direction for the program is under the control of the I-IGP Executive Committee (EC) which is composed of one faculty representative from each participating college, three Associate Deans selected from among the participating colleges, and one additional faculty representative, who is elected as chair by the EC.  A subcommittee of the Executive Committee will be appointed to serve as the Admissions Committee. The Dean of the Graduate School has final authority over the composition of the committee and is authorized to make membership changes at any time. The representatives serve a three-year term, and the chair elected by the Committee serves a two-year term. The role of the EC is to provide a communication link between the I-IGP areas and the administrative entities involved (Liaison Committee, Graduate School, and the OVPR), and to review the membership and establishment of new I-IGP areas.

Liaison Committee: Communication with academic units is conducted though the Liaison Committee which shall include Department/School Heads and Deans from participating units. 

Admissions Committee: (Membership outlined above)  The I-IGP Admissions Committee is responsible for screening applications and selecting students for admission into the I-IGP. Each member will serve a three-year term. The responsibility of this committee is to ensure rapid consideration of applicants for admission by convening bi-weekly (if needed) during critical periods of applicant processing.  

Faculty Participation: Faculty participation in I-IGP-related committees and activities must be approved by department/school and by the college.

Availability of a critical mass of faculty and facilities to address the area of focus: The program is designed to accommodate masters- and doctoral- level projects in areas that span disciplines. 

Support and approval of academic units: Signed agreements, allowing faculty to support students conducting research in the I-IGP Must be secured from participating colleges.  Upon selection of a major professor, the department will be asked to commit support for the student through research grants secured by the major professor, research and/or teaching assistantships administered by the student’s major professor’s home department or training grants.