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Purdue University Graduate School


Graduate School Calendar Of All Events

  • Last Day to Declare Candidacy for May Graduation with Extenuating Circumstances
    Date: Apr. 07, 2014
    Office Attending: The Graduate School

    Last day to declare candidacy for degree for May graduation with extenuating circumstances and requiring payment of the Late Graduating Deadline Fee.

  • Last Day to Pass & Return Final Examination Report Forms
    Date: Apr. 25, 2014
    Office Attending:

    Last day for students to pass the final examination. 






    Final examination reports must be received for all graduating students by the Graduate School, Room 170, Young Hall (YONG). Students for whom a final report form is not received will not be able to graduate in May.

    (Final examination report forms are not required for nonthesis master's students in graduate departments with approved alternative graduation criteria.)

  • Reminder to Departments - Last Day to Return Signed Audit/Certification Forms
    Date: Apr. 25, 2014
    Office Attending:

    Signed candidate audit/certification forms should be returned back to the Graduate School as soon as possible, but no later than this date.